About us

KONSTECH INVESTMENTS specializes in the supply, construction and assembly of petrol stations and autogas stations with on-ground and underground turnkey tanks, gas bottling plants, technological heating installations for industry, container gas bottling plants
As a contracting company, we have the following rights:

 – Institute of Welding in Gliwice
Office of Technical Inspection
– for manufacturing in the scope of assembly of gas transmission pipelines, liquid transfer pipelines
for the production of pipeline elements and manhole covers with connectors for LPG tanks
for the production of technological pipelines, technological pipelines for liquids
– for the modernization of technological pipelines
– Certificates for the assembly of UPP fuel pipelines
– Certificates for the assembly of Brugg fuel and gas pipelines

KONSTECH INVESTMENTS has a production hall equipped with machine tools for machining, as well as welding equipment for electric welding in the Argon and CO2 shield and gas welding. Welders have current qualifications of the Office of Technical Inspection for welding gas installations with the above-mentioned methods.
The company has specialized assembly and construction brigades equipped with the necessary equipment to carry out works on external construction sites. Supervision over the construction and assembly of fuel and LPG installations is exercised by authorized engineers with many years of practice and professional experience.
The installations are constantly refined and modernized. This is the result of the company’s strategy, the aim of which is to offer customers products of the highest quality and aesthetics of performance.
KONSTECH INVESTMENTS is currently preparing to further expand the range of services it offers, as well as trading in LPG equipment.
We have many years of experience, extensive knowledge and documented professional qualifications of the company and staff. Compliance with recognized safety procedures for construction and assembly works, especially at working filling stations of the largest companies operating in Poland, allow us to hope that the offer of our products will enjoy your interest.