Container propane-butane gas bottling plant
The portable steel container serves as a room for a small propane-butane gas bottling plant for filling all standard cylinders being traded on the Polish market.


1. Supporting structure
The container has a self-supporting structure made of cold bent profiles. The skeleton is a completely welded construction.
The walls and the roof are made of folded trapezoidal metal sheets, factory-painted on both sides. The external surfaces of the walls and roof are gray and white.

2. Door
The container has a double-leaf door with a total width of 2160mm. The door frame is made of a rectangular closed profile, which is filled with trapezoidal sheet.

3. Floor
The floor is divided into two parts. On the width of 500 mm along the entire length, the floor is made of galvanized platform grates. Individual grating elements are attached to the frame by means of screws.
The remaining part of the floor is made of planks impregnated with a fire-resistant agent and covered with a platform aluminum sheet.
The floor constructed in this way fulfills two functions – the grates provide good gravity ventilation, while the aluminum sheet protects against the possibility of sparks.

4. Walls and roof
The walls and roof are made of folded trapezoidal sheet metal. The sheet is factory-painted on both sides. The external surfaces of the walls and roof are gray and white. Sheet metal for frame construction is fastened with rivets and self-tapping screws.

Technological equipment of the container

On the part of the floor made of gratings, the following technological devices are located:

universal filling device,
full-lengthening scales,
hand piston pump,
cylinder stand,
an internal gas supply system to the filling device,
flexible gas hoses with connection terminals.

The container is provided with gravitational ventilation, which is provided by the container structure and mechanical ventilation, which is ensured by the installed fan in Ex.

The container is equipped with fire protection devices. In order to provide fire protection. the container should be equipped with one powder or snow-extinguisher and one fire-extinguishing unit. On the outer walls of the container are placed inscriptions and warning signs informing about work with propane-butane gas, and prohibiting the use of fire near the container.

Two sensors are located near the gable walls – detectors detecting the presence of gas.

Technical characteristics

Specification Value
1 Overall length 5630 mm
2 The length of the supporting structure 5530 mm
3 External width 2340 mm
4 External height 2760 mm
5 Internal height 2438 mm
6 Height of foundation plinths 200 mm
7 Construction weight 1850 kg
8 Gross weight 2300 kg