Construction and comprehensive assembly of fuel stations One of the main areas of the company’s activity is comprehensive construction and assembly of liquid fuel stations. It includes:
  • preparation of a construction project according to the Investor’s guidelines,
  • comprehensive construction works, sanitary and plumbing,
  • delivery and assembly of complete tanks and distributors,
  • ochrona katodowa zbiorników paliwowych,
  • laying fuel pipelines and vapor return,
  • leak testing of tanks and pipelines confirmed by the UDT Inspector,
  • delivery and assembly of lights,
  • construction of a service pavilion,
  • road works and surface reconstruction,
  • carrying out administrative procedures and obtaining a usage permit.
In our work, we use the latest technologies used in this market. We have certificates for the construction of FLEXWELL and UPP fuel systems. We perform fuel installations in any system used throughout the country. The largest corporations on the fuel station market are our clients.